Perimeter Investments

  • Simplify your life and financial plans.
  • Registered in Colorado since 2017.
  • 38 years of fiduciary experience.
  • Hourly, flat, and asset-based fees.
  • Help with immediate questions.
  • No charge for first visits or questions. 

Get to know each other

You speak, we listen, and learn about you, your situation, and where you wish to go.

Following our introduction, you will receive an outline of what you have now and how it fits with your desires. 

We have at least one more conversation to discuss next steps.


First Pass Plan

 other services

Put four decades of Wall Street experience to work for you. 

Custom company and industry Research

Business Appraisals

Expert Witness

Transaction Assistance

and Explanations


Investor Relations

Fees range from ZERO for ready answers to a lot more, depending on what you need.

Detailed plan &


Your money remains in your name and under your control.

Regular Progress Measurement

Risk Review










25bp (1/4 of 1%) up to 2% of assets managed

A deeper conversation detailing how to get the future you want.

First Pass Recommendations for Insurance, Saving, Investments.

Many find that this first pass is sufficient to get going. 


flat fee