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Who we are, how we do business,  and where we fit. 

Perimeter Investments is a state-registered investment advisor in Colorado. It was founded and is managed by Gerard Hallaren, a CFA with 40 years of experience with such firms as Invesco, Hanifen/Stifel, and Gartner.  

The objective of our strategy is first to preserve your capital and second to grow the value of your money.

We call ourselves Perimeter because we constantly watch the perimeter of markets, news, innovation, and valuation as change happens on the Perimeter. 

How we do business:

  • Your account remains in your control at all times.

  • We manage all of our customer assets consistent with the needs of those retired or approaching retirement.

  • You will invest in the same stocks and bonds that I do.

  • As a Perimeter customer, you will receive our monthly newsletter which shares our thoughts on investing.

  • Different from a hedge fund or advisor, you have complete liquidity.

  • Our hours are 6:30 AM to 3:30 PM and by appointment

Where we fit

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