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Gerard Hallaren, CFA

Hallaren began his career in technology pricing and market research at International Data Corporation. He has successfully invested in and researched technology and telecom throughout his career. His pedigree includes Hanifen/Stifel, Invesco, First Albany, Gartner, and Smith Barney. In every situation he has focused conclusions, driven decisions, and added value to portfolios and operations.

His research is all about business basics. Is business holding, getting better, or deteriorating. Why do customers buy from the company? Or its competitors? What is the relationship between cash flow and earnings? Hallaren cares far more about end market activity than management or street thinking.

Hallaren is a CFA, named inventor on US Patent 5824929, has a BA in Economics from the University of Massachusetts, Amherst. He has done post-graduate work at Babson College, Yale, and the University of San Diego.

Peter Brophy 


Peter Brophy and Gerard have worked together and/or known each other for more than 20 years. Peter has spent his entire career in the investment business, primarily brokerage. He retired when there was no further juice to be squeezed. He has worked for such firms as C.J. Lawrence, AG Edwards, and Platte River Investments.

Peter seeks out unusual investments, usually in the small and mid-cap market. His focus is on companies that receive little or no attention from mainstream investors.


Peter brings strong Health Care and Macro expertise to Perimeter. Brophy holds a Bachelor’s degree from Hamilton College and attended the Loomis School in Connecticut.

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