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Stuff you need to know.

The Rights and Ethics presents and discusses the CFA Institute's Investor Bill of Righte. This spells out what you can expect and how you can expect to be treated while we work together. We believe strongly that you deserve these rights. If you hover over the specific right, you will see questions to ask and have answered by other financial advisors.

The Standard of Practice and Code of Ethics provides you with the behaviors the Institute expects from its CFAs and CFA candidates. This is here to demonstrate that the investor rights has been in the fabric of Financial Analyst and CFAs since 1962. 

Disclaimer and Disclosure pages are the closest thing to boilerplate on our site.  This section gives you a hard look at the details behind how we treat you, your information, and your money. It also includes a current copy of our form ADV which is on file with DORA of Colorado. 

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