Perimeter Investments

  • We are here to help you simplify your assets and financial plans.
  • Registered in Colorado since 2017.
  • 38 years of fiduciary experience.
  • Below market, hourly, flat, and asset-based fees.
  • You are the only one who pays us.
  • No charge for first visits or questions. 


Initial Read


This is the first step toward financial solidity.  We listen to you and draft the framework of a plan. Many have found that this framework is sufficient to get started.  For higher complexity situations, the framework is a launchpad and map of next steps. 

A Plan For yoU


This builds out the framework following your initial read. It will address your specific tax, family, and income situation. Perimeter will provide you with an estimate of time/cost  prior to starting work on your plan. 


Long-Term Oversight

A percentage of Assets

Annual Asset Management Fees range from 25 bps (1/4 of 1%)  to get you started with passive and or fixed income to as high as 2% for active management customized to your situation.  

Perimeter Investments
5551 S. Cedar St.
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Weekdays 8:00 AM to 3:00 PM and by appointment.
Weekends by appointment.
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View from Fire Tower

This is the view from the last working fire tower in Colorado. Visitors enter a time perimeter along with the various mountain and sky perimeters.